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Simone Silvestroni, sound designer and music producer

Based in Cambridge, UK, I’m a professional bass player and composer by trade. A keen eye for details helped me becoming a game audio sound designer, specialising as a mix and master engineer with a strong record of on-time delivery.

My key skill is the ability to seamlessly switch side from creative to technical, which makes me capable of understanding the complete workflow of audio production.

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A graduated musician, I freelanced as a bass player during the 1990s, acquiring audio skills as a studio assistant. A few years later I landed a game sound designer role for a Playstation2 platformer. As team leader, I participated to the 2002 Game Developer Conference in San Jose, where I joined the Game Audio Guild Network on the day of its foundation, witnessing to the launch of Steam by Valve.

I switched to the digital domain after building my studio, specialising in mix and master. I wrote and released songs as concept albums based on a personal storylines. While working as a music producer, mixer and bassist for independent artists, I published an ebook about project management in the music industry.



Sound designer and music producer at Minutes to Midnight

2015-present, Cambridge (UK)

  • Production, bass, mix, and mastering with artists and companies in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, and the United States.
  • Sound design for the acclaimed animated series CarCity.
  • Mixed 5 albums with SoundOnSound chief editor Sam Inglis as a recordist, and renowned master engineer Ian Shepherd.
  • Bass and co-production for singles, EPs and albums for renowned multi-instrumentalist Gerald Duchene (Simply Red, Radiohead, Tina Turner, and more). One performance got me an endorsement by bassist Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, Toto).
  • Recorded and arranged bass tracks on the SoundBetter platform.
  • Production for Mally Harpaz, multi-instrumentalist with Anna Calvi, for Irish singer-songwriter Ciara Clifford, and more.
  • Toured the south of England with British singer-songwriter Callum Gardner
  • Local audio manipulation and implementation with Audiokinetic Wwise, during the build of a personal sound effects library.
  • Recorded, produced and released a 10-song concept album, where I managed to incorporate field recordings captured around the Berlin area.

Relevant projects

  1. Sound design, music production and bass work (2015-2023)



  • Audio Master Engineering / Producing Music With Reason / Bass — Berklee College Of Music, 2015-2018.
  • Logic Pro X 10.3 Certification — Apple, London, 2018.

Sound designer at New Energy (part of Accenture)

2006-2008, Milan (Italy)

Design and implementation of audio and video productions for major mobile providers, including Vodafone and TIM. The role required research and development, as well as co-ordinating a team of artists, and deployment of the content to a proprietary content management system.

Game audio designer, team leader at Playstos Entertainment

2000-2006, Milan (Italy)

  • Shipped the PlayStation 2 title Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy.
  • Created and implemented the initial adaptive soundtrack.
  • Recorded and produced sound effects using Foley and field recording.
  • Worked on linear footage dialogue.
  • Implemented audio using the in-house engine Wazábe and XACT for Xbox.
  • Co-ordinated versioning and audio assets management using Alienbrain.
  • At the 2002 Game Developer Conference in San Jose (CA), I joined G.A.N.G. as a bronze member on the day of its foundation.

Relevant projects

  1. “Ruff Trigger” Playstation 2 video game (2007)


  • Game Developer Conference — Moscone Center, San Jose (CA), 2002.

Musician, studio assistant at Freelance

1991-2000, Ravenna and Milan (Italy)

  • Audio assistant and in-house bass player in a high-end studio, where I learned analog signal flow, microphone theory, recording, and productiong using the early editions of Pro Tools and Logic.
  • Bass player for for indie and signed artist, including Lucio Dalla’s label Pressing.
  • Studies

    • Bass / Music Theory / Harmony / Arrangement — Centre For Professional Music, Milan (Italy), 1992-1995.


Exploiting an innate attraction for learning how things work, I can build, repair, and maintain computers as well as other hardware. As a system agnostic, I can install, run, and maintain any operating system, whether that be macOS (my favourite), *nix-based systems, or Windows.



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When passion goes beyond working duties... here’s Simone. Addiction and reliability are two great details you can’t easily find nowadays in a professional, and he gets both. Jean-Claude Nouchy (FX Supervisor at Scanline VFX)

I’ve worked with Simone on both my projects and his and the professionalism and quality of his work is world class. I have rarely had to give direction and he takes direction like an interested pro. I’m very partial to his style and tone. I hope to be still playing with him in the years to come. If you want a bass track that stands out and makes people sit up and listen, Simone is your man. Gerald Duchene (Multi-instrumentalist, solo artist)

Simone mixed my band’s latest two albums. I worked closely with him during this process, using his Trello-based methodology to help sequence the work. Each song appeared as a series of tasks to be completed, checked and commented on. As a result, we were able to manage our time smoothly and efficiently. Creative ideas flowed back and forth. I’m looking forward to involving him in the next recordings! Dan Ecclestone (Multi-instrumentalist, solo artist, leader of Ember Rev)

Great co-worker! Very careful, serious and responsible, never superficial, with a wide knowledge of the Apple world, and all that’s connected to audio engineering. Highly recommended. Daniele Pieroni (Senior platform programmer at Epic Games)

What’s always impressed me about Simone is his attention to detail, which he demonstrates in every area of his work. Not only is he a prolific producer and bassist, but he easily comprehends and executes on the most abstract concepts across tech, audio, marketing, branding, and visual arts. When you work with Simone, everything is down, documented, and organised, which makes it very easy to work with him directly or in the context of a team. Christopher Carvalho (Artist manager)

In the band I started, Simone was the most involved with regards to arrangement and dynamics. Using his fretless bass, he completely switched the mood of any given part. Simone and I have been working on my new releases, and it’s been an incredibly worthwhile experience. It’s great to have him with me to lead the production side and also to influence the arrangement. I’m really happy to have a producer that understands completely my process as a songwriter. Callum Gardner (Singer-songwriter)

Simone is a gifted musician, producer and all round creative, with every project we have worked on being greatly improved by his talents. Impressive technical proficiency with various DAW’s (ProTools, Wavelab, RX) as well as the creative knowledge to craft with them what ever is required for the project. When working with Simone, his precise and detailed manor make him an excellent addition to any project or team. Chris Pavey (Master engineer)

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